Opal: Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry Matters

Aloha, my eco-conscious beauties! It’s time to dive into the mesmerizing depths of Hawaii’s blue waters, without even dipping a toe in! Say aloha to our stunning sustainable blue opal jewelry, inspired by the enchanting islands we all dream of escaping to. 

These ethereal gems are not only a visual vacay, but also a guilt-free pleasure you can wear with pride. So, no more feeling blue about your carbon footprint, cause baby, we’re making waves in the name of sustainability!

The way these gems are made is very similar to how opals are made in nature. However, 1 cm of opal can take 5-6 million years to form. Our process, on the other hand, takes about 4-6 WEEKS! It also does not involve any harm to the environment since it's contained entirely in our lab and doesn’t require any mining. 

Another great thing about our opal is that each piece is going to have the most intense color and iridescence that you may not find in nature. These gems are made to last! You can go ahead and wear your favorite opal jewelry from The Hawaiian Jewel every day without worrying since our sustainable opal is tougher than natural opals.

Shine bright like a diamond but with the spirit of the ocean - let’s make mother nature proud, one sustainable opal at a time. And remember, just like these opals, you’re a gem in a sea of ordinary. Go ahead, make some waves, and let your inner mermaid sparkle! Shop our opal collection today to find the piece for you. 

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