Top 10 Favorite Gold Designs

Step into the realm of effortless luxury this summer as we unveil the top 10 gold jewelry designs inspired by Hawaii. From dainty sea life pendants that immediately transport you to the sea to intricately crafted floral bangles that remind you of lush gardens, these stunning pieces embody the essence of the sun-soaked season. Each unique design captures the ultimate summer, island vibe. Whether you seek a subtle touch of sophistication or an eye-catching conversation starter, this curated collection of gold jewelry will undoubtedly become your go-to for showcasing your impeccable taste and embracing the sunny days ahead. 

Elevate your summer style with the enchanting beauty of our plumeria designs, adorned with intricately crafted blossoms that exude grace and femininity. An endless display of beauty, this Infinity Scroll bangle is a modern and elegant piece that will make a timeless statement. Crafted with a delicate design of plumeria flowers, this bangle features our original, engraved Plumeria infinity motif. This hand-engraved piece is truly a work of art to be treasured forever. 

Welcome the tropical allure of summer with our hibiscus designs, where vibrant petals and delicate designs combine to evoke a sense of exotic beauty and island charm. This 14k gold vermeil pendant features our original Hibiscus motif, adorned with eco-gemstones. Its eye-catching hibiscus design adds a radiant touch of beauty, perfect for gifting or wearing on a night out. 

The most significant symbol of love and deep affection, the heart motif is one of the most sought-after in the world. Make it a moment to remember with this luxurious gold Island Love Heart pendant. This 14K solid gold pendant features our original, heart and plumeria motifs, with eco gemstones.  Its simple, traditional design will make a lasting impression, while its hand-engraved detailing ensures that it will be treasured for years. Gifting a heart pendant shows your great affection for your loved one.

Show off your admiration for plumerias all year round! These beautiful flowers symbolize positive energy, love, and hope. There's no surprise that the Plumeria is one of the most popular and adored flowers in Hawaii. These 14K gold hook earrings feature our original plumeria and heart motifs, with eco-gemstones in a classic dangling style with a hook backing. Wear this beautiful Hawaiian flower to promote positivity and happiness.

Dive into island life with this ocean-inspired Dolphin Lei pendant! With its charming design, it's sure to capture everyone's attention. This 14K gold vermeil pendant features our original dolphin lei motif, set in a matte finish. When flowers and sea life combine it makes a beautiful pair. Discover the natural beauty of this powerful duo with this pendant

Take a stroll on a Hawaiian beach with this beautiful Plumeria & Slippers bracelet! This 14K gold bracelet features our original hand engraved, plumeria and slipper motifs, paired with eco-gemstones. The whimsical charm of plumeria blossoms and flip-flops, create a captivating, carefree spirit of summer. Perfect for the bohemian-minded, it's sure to make a statement!

Create a lasting memory of your ocean adventures with this delightful Gold Sea Turtle pendant. Dive into a world of enchantment with the 14K gold vermeil sea turtle pendant that features our original, hand-engraved, Sea Turtle motif. This mesmerizing piece showcases the grace and resilience of these majestic creatures while adding a touch of oceanic allure to your summer jewelry collection.

Indulge in the timeless luxury of our hand-engraved, Scroll Plumeria Oval Hoop Earrings. These are classic and understated perfect for everyday wear, and a beautiful representation of Hawaii's iconic culture and art. These 925 sterling silver with 14K gold oval hoop earrings feature our original, engraved scroll motif. Feel your best, and show off a refined look with these iconic hoop earrings.  

Embrace the eternal beauty of the ocean with the Honu & Scroll Bangle, where the delicate intertwining scrolls symbolize everlasting love and infinite possibilities, making it a stunning and meaningful addition to your summer ensemble. This 14K gold vermeil bangle features our original, hand-engraved Honu, or Sea turtle scroll motif. Wear this piece alone or layer it with other bangles for an eye-catching look!


Radiate summer vibes with our Plumeria earrings, where glistening plumeria blooms gracefully dangle, reflecting the ethereal beauty of sunlight dancing upon tranquil waters. These 14K gold vermeil hook earrings feature our original double plumeria flower motif, within a teardrop design, paired with eco-gemstones. Effortlessly capture the essence of summer with the Plumeria Teardrop Hook earrings.

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