Valentine's Day Top 5 Gifts

Not to be cheesy, but the best gift anyone can give on Valentine’s Day is the gift of love, of course. The good thing about this is that love is free - yay! But sometimes it’s hard to express your love to someone, because love can be shown in an infinite number of ways. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you show your love to your significant other through five amazing jewelry pieces. Below are our top 5 gifts to give someone on Valentine’s Day and their special meaning.

1. Engraved Initials Pendant ❤️

This pendant is just simply the best and most personalized gift you can give to your love ones this Valentine’s Day. Customize your gift by giving your initial to them which they can keep close to their heart by wearing it everyday and everywhere they go. You can also give them their own initials and get a matching pendant for yourself. That way you’ll both have a reminder of your love for one another.

2. Engraved Rose Gold Bangle ❤️

Rose gold is the universal color of love and by gifting one of these unique bangles, you are professing your undying love to your special someone. This bangle is handcrafted with aloha -  meaning love in Hawaiian language - right here in Hawaii. You can also engrave a short message on the inside of the bangle at no additional cost. Just contact us to ask how!

3. Always in My Heart Pendant ❤️

What could be more special than actually giving your heart to someone this Valentine’s Day? Give this pendant to signify your commitment to love your partner until the end of time. Your love will always be in this heart pendant which your significant other can wear all the time.

4. Key to My Heart Pendant ❤️

Give this pendant to your love one to show your faith and loyalty. They will forever remember that they hold the key to your heart and that no one else can unlock the love you give.

5. Perfect Fit Pendant ❤️

This pendant expresses that something by itself means nothing, but together it’s perfect - just like you and your loved one. The only thing you need this Valentine’s Day is love and together you are perfect.

Edited by Renee Heimgartner

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Love the beautiful shiny jewelry


I absolutely love your beautiful well thought out designs


Absolutely gorgeous jewelry. Would love ❤️ to win!!!

Marcia Simons

Such awesome jewelry! I hope I win.. I will wear it with much pride❤️

Hill Kathryn

Interested in your products

Rita Quaw

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