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The holiday season is about being surrounded by your loved ones, eating an abundance of delicious holiday meals, and most importantly, gratitude for all the blessings and love that you receive. That's how good memories are made to last. During the other days of the month? We’re all scurrying to find the right gifts for our Christmas shopping list that even the shopping centers extend their hours. There is some fun to it! But I have to admit it, gifting for any occasion can be extremely stressful, especially for women. We just know what we like and want! Here at Hawaiian Jewel, we’ve made it easy for you. We browsed our entire inventory and handpicked by women, for women, the best and personable jewelry pieces to give this year. Our 2022 holiday gift guide is curated with dazzling styles they’ll surely love all year round, including the pickiest person on your list. (Oh and P.S, your wallet will love it too).

Plumerias are indigenous to the tropics. With its delightful fragrance, they are also extremely popular and adorned. In Hawaiian culture they are worn in the hair or made into lei’s. The flowers represent hopefulness, positivity and new beginnings.

The 4 P’s. The Perfect Pendant for the Pickiest Person

The small and simple plumeria barrel pendant makes this the perfect gift for the pickiest person on your list. (It’s me, I’m picky!) Subtle in size and effortless when you put it on, how could anyone go wrong wearing this delicate piece? I would treat myself with this pendant this holiday season.

gold plumeria barrel

The Gold Plumeria Set

Know a minimalist? The gold plumeria set has a chic and clean design that is functional for any outfit. The classic charms of the plumeria will make anyone fall in love. Adorn the exceptional woman with plumerias that’ll last a lifetime. 

gold plumeria pendant and hook earrings set

The Tri-Color Plumeria Set

The multicolor design of the Tri-Color Plumeria set is inspired by all of the unique colors plumerias bloom in. Gift the tricolor set to the person who adds color and vibrancy into your life.

tri color plumeria set

The Silver Two Plumerias Set

Two is always better than one. Spring into new beginnings and positivity with the Silver Two Plumerias set. This would be a lovely gift for my good friend who always strives to be better in her life and allow change for new beginnings. 

silver double plumeria set

The Island Love Heart Pendant

You still wanted to get her a little something special even when she said “You don’t need to get me anything” or “Please don’t spend money on a gift for me”. The Island Love heart pendant is the sweetest way to express your love and affection to that special someone.

Island Love heart Pendant

The Paradise Love Plumeria Set

The heart motif is one of the most sought-after in the world. Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, the Paradise Love Plumeria Set represents femininity and grace.

paradise love plumeria set in rose gold
paradise love plumeria set in white gold

Honu means sea turtle in the Hawaiian language. The Honu is considered a form of Aumakua or defied ancestors, offering lifelong protection, wisdom and guidance.

The Blooming Sea Turtle Set is a combination of nature’s beauty from land and sea. Being that Honu are widely respected in Hawaiian culture, this gift will show your appreciation and honor her properly.

blooming sea turtle

The Destiny Scroll Sea Turtle Pendant has a timeless design inspired by the intricacy of the traditional Hawaiian Heirloom. This investment piece could never go out of style. December babies have an extra celebration with their birthdays and holidays. Have a person in mind? Gift the wishes of these endeavors offering the protection, wisdom, and guidance of the Honu.

honu engraved pendant

Dolphins are symbols of joy, playfulness, and peace. These friendly creatures radiate healing energy and delight. The adorable Hope and Love Dolphin Set displays the delightful qualities of a dolphin and the charms of plumerias. Gift this set to a special friend that always radiates harmonious energy as a way to show your appreciation. This set is perfect for my youngest niece that has the special qualities and the playful energy that this pendant represents.

hope and love dolphin pendant
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I Love the Barrel pendant and the gold plumeria set!

Susan Marina Brown Lane

Beautiful jewelry

Rose Reeder

I love the Plumeria Barrel pendant and the sea turtle pendant and…the list goes on and on.

Janice Bays

These jewelry pieces would make great gifts.

Buddy Garrett


Mahealani Kua

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