Happy Libra Season!

silver engraved heart earrings worn on a right ear of a woman
a pair of silver engraved heart pendant on a surface of a tree branch

Libra season is here, and it’s all about aesthetics and beauty for this sign! They belong to the element of air which is known to be intellectual, charming, social, and calm-natured. Libra is definitely the ride-or-die friend you want to have in your life! 

Engraved heart hoop earrings
Engraved silver heart pendant worn by a woman around her neck

Ruled by planet venus, Libra exudes all things love and harmony. This sign is a hopeless romantic who always believes in true love and finding happily ever after. Known to be the life of the party, Libras love interesting conversations and really value meaningful connections with the ones they meet. You may even learn something new with these extroverted, social butterflies. 

silver Engraved heart around a circle pendant worn by a woman around her neck
a pair of silver engraved heart earrings

Their symbol, the scales, represents their need for balance, justice, and fairness. So you can count on them to give you the best advice as they always analyze the pros and cons of every situation.  Sometimes they can be indecisive but why just have one idea when you can have several? A Libra likes variety in all facets of their life as it keeps it interesting and fun. 

a pair of silver dangling engraved heart earrings on a leaf
dangling heart earrings worn by a model

The lifestyle of a Libra is one of extravagance and luxury. They love to spend their money freely and unapologetically as this is one of their many joys in life. Receiving gifts is their ultimate love language as they like to be spoiled with new things, but they also appreciate the thought that goes into selecting the gift itself. Libra love to treat themselves as well, whether it be through shopping, or self-care, this sign values the finer things in life.  

a silver heart with half engraved and half polished pendant worn around a neck
silver heart with half engraved with scroll plumeria and half polished

Libra season can teach us to be more balanced, focused, and our most independent selves. To live in harmony with one another as well as find peace within ourselves. Ultimately this season shows us to see the beauty in all things and to discover your truest passions

silver engraved heart hoop earrings on a red flower
silver engraved heart earrings worn by a model

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I am a Libra. Libras want to please everyone and will do anything to keep the peace.!

Virginia C

I’m a Libra. Nice jewelry

Rochelle walker

I’m a Libra those nice


I’m a Libra those nice


My daughters are into these things so I will definitely have to get something for them for Xmas.

Krystal Aguinaldo

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