What is your Moon Sign? (Moon Signs and their Meaning)

Do you know what it means when mercury is in retrograde? What about your star rising? I don’t know much about astrology. The only thing I ever knew was about my own zodiac sign (which is a Libra, by the way) and my Chinese zodiac sign (rooster!). I do believe in the divine energy and the influences of the universe, sun, stars, moon and the planets on human affairs and the natural world. Now more than ever, the topic of astrology has been on the rise and popularized, thanks to Gen Z. I’ve been asked many times by my peers “what’s your moon sign?” So I had to find out for myself what my moon sign was and if it had some relatable truth to who I am.

What is a moon sign?  In astrology, your sun sign is where your sun was positioned at the time of birth, whereas your moon sign is where the moon was situated at the time of birth in the twelve signs of the zodiac. Your moon sign represents your instinctive nature, deepest personal needs, and your unconsciousness. To put it simply, the moon can reveal a lot about your habits, reactions and instincts. Your moon sign holds the key to understanding your feminine energy.

When I found out about my moon sign, I was surprised it was different from my zodiac sign. I mean what can I say, I didn’t know what to expect honestly. So I started reading about it and I was really content with how it was describing my attitude and intuition. I can really appreciate the material and information provided to learn and discover different aspects of astrology. My mind was really blown away by how much further you can dive into it, it’s truly intriguing and fascinating! If you want to discover your moon sign, you can find out more about it here.

Please use the information as guidance or as an awareness tool on what things you might want to work on to reach your highest potential and best self. Not everything on the internet is 100% true

Here’s what you need to calculate your moon sign:

  • Birth Date
  • Location of Birth
  • Time of Birth (If you don't know, that's okay)

Here's the link I used to calculate mine!

What are your lunar traits?

Silver flame pendant for the Aries Moon sign

Aries Moon - Possess inner passion and fire, temperamental, strong personality. Must I explain how the Flaming Hot Pendant is probably the best representation of an Aries Moon?

Palm Tree pendant with Sea Turtle for the Taurus Moon sign

Taurus Moon - Rooted, strong-willed, with reliable instincts; particularly a sense of smell. Breathe the ocean air with the Seashores Palm Tree Pendant which represents their well-rooted nature and their reliability through storms that may come. 

Dainty start pendant for the Gemini Moon sign

Gemini Moon - Witty, clever, boundless imagination, difficult to handle emotions. Gemini moons need this little Wish Upon a Star Pendant to encourage them to keep dreaming and creating. 

Sea Turtle pendant with Plumeria for the Cancer Moon sign

Cancer Moon - Extraordinary sense of humor, dependable, subjective to feelings and moods of others, Cancer moons are well represented in the Aloha Vibes Pendant which is playful and a symbol for everlasting friendship.

Plumeria on a surfboard for the Leo Moon sign

Leo Moon - Requires organization, fairness, and justice. Fixed mindset, entertaining and comedic. Leo Moons can hit the waves with this Plumeria Paradise Pendant both a representation of alignment and their fun and lighthearted personality. 

Hibiscus cut out pendant for the Virgo Moon sign

Virgo Moon - Appreciates simplicity, knows their limits, reliable and trustworthy. Virgo moons will love the minimalist Hibiscus Cut-out Pendant

Dolphin Circle Pendant with plumeria for the Libra Moon sign

Libra Moon - A diplomat for harmony, peace, and partnership. The Dolphin’s World Pendant is charming and flirtatious just like them! 

anchor pendant with dolphin for the scorpio Moon sign

Scorpio Moon - Wants it all or nothing, seeks out emotional intensity and commitment. They radiate strength which can be seen in the Dolphin Anchor Pendant.

Pink gem plumeria pendant for the sagittarius Moon sign

Sagittarius Moon - Extraordinarily cheerful, high spirits. They have a need for personal freedom and space just like the plumeria flower. In this case, they’re represented by the Plumeria Pendant with a pink gemstone.

sea turtle crest pendant with black enamel for the capricorn Moon sign

Capricorn Moon - Looks for safety and security. Capricorn moon is organized and plans ahead. Their calm, cool, collected attitude is seen in this Sea Turtle Crest Pendant

Silver paddle pendant with sea turtle charm for the Aquarius Moon sign

Aquarius Moon - Observant, strong desire for independence, wonderful friends. Aquarius moon is represented in the Hawaiian Voyage Paddle Pendant for these qualities.

Kissing dolphin pendant with plumeria crown for the pisces Moon sign

Pisces Moon - Remarkable compassion, love, and emotion are all represented in the Dolphin Fantasy Pendant. Silly, “life of the party, great intuition.

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I love the moon signs! They are Georgous

Angelina Gilmore

Such lovely jewelry.

Juanita Stender

Love the Gemini Pendant. This jewelry is so unique and beautiful

Anne Marie Carter

These are so beautiful, I can’t wait to discover my moon sign!

Nancy Krueger

Love the Cancer moon pendant – all your jewelry is beautiful!

Stephanie Moore

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