Accessorizing 101: Pendants to Wear According to Your Outfit

Written by: Anjelica Gamboa



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Jewelry has that magical ability to not only elevate your look but also transform your overall sense of personal style. Pendants specifically are both versatile and practical pieces of jewelry that can easily turn your outfit from drab to fab in an instant. Each piece can vary depending on what you’re doing, your mood, and what type of outfit you’re wearing. Whether you're aiming for an elegant and sophisticated appearance or a casual yet chic vibe, you are sure to find the perfect pendant for any occasion. 


If you’re looking for a feminine and professional look for the office, the Flower Power Pendant is the perfect choice. Let your work style bloom with this intricate and delicate pendant. Its understated style is great for every day as the simple floral design complements your work attire. Pair this with a classic blazer, with a pop of color, and a solid neutral top underneath.


Do you have the perfect sundress for your next date, but looking for a gold floral pendant to go with it? The Plumeria Cutout Pendant is the one for you. Capture the essence of romance and blossom with charm with this pendant that offers a unique cutout design that is both flirty and classic. A sundress with playful patterns is perfect for embracing the warmth of sunny days with effortless style.

Everyday/ Casual

Infuse a touch of nature's beauty into your everyday casual look with the Plumeria Pendant. This dainty and exquisite accessory, inspired by the plumeria flower's elegance, effortlessly adds a hint of charm and sophistication to your outfit. Its matte finish and sustainable eco-colorful gemstone will add a pop of color to any solid-colored outfit. We’ve paired this with a black sleeveless blouse to help bring out the pop of blue of the eco gemstone in this pendant.


Elevate your brunch look with a dash of floral finesse with the Blossoming Garden Plumeria Pendant. It features our original garden plumeria design adorned with pink eco-gemstones that is aesthetically pleasing, and sure to be a hit with the girls. Wear this with a soft pink top to show off your feminine side, and love for beauty. This pairing harmonizes with the feminine hue of the top, creating a charming and vibrant ensemble that's perfect for a sunny brunch outing.

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