Ku'uipo - A Symbol of Everlasting Bond

Written by: Ellie Bee



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If you were to look up the word “Ku’uipo,” you’d see that the most common translation is “my sweetheart” or “my lover,” but it is so much more than that. In Hawaiian culture, Ku’uipo is a feeling of deep love or affection, but that does not always mean romantic love. Your Ku’uipo could be a lover, a sister, a grandparent, or even a friend. While it’s typically associated with romantic love, we’re here to dispel the myth that it only applies to your partner. Ku’uipo is symbolic of an everlasting bond. 

My Ku’uipo is my mom. Her strength shapes me, her guidance lights my path. I’m forever grateful and forever empowered by this everlasting bond that I share with her. Who is your Ku’uipo? Who is it that you cherish more than anyone else on this planet? 

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Our traditional style designs are also customizable, with the option to engrave your unique affection. Some popular ideas for engraving a heartfelt message include but are not limited to, a person's birthday, name or nickname, anniversary, or even a special joke or word that only you and your ku’uipo relate to. Each piece honors treasured connections that will last for years to come. Not sure what to have engraved? We’ve got some ideas to inspire you.

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