Aquarius Season: Reignite Your Imagination

If you’re an Aquarius, your symbol is the “Water Bearer” which represents the Gods bringing nutrients and water to earth. While Aquarius is an air sign, you also represent the vital energy that needs to exist for there to be life. You are clever, optimistic, and self-reliant. Some Aquarians are calm and sensitive creative creatures while others may be more enthusiastic, upbeat, and experience seekers. Don’t be afraid to stand out and always stay true to yourself. After all, that’s what being an Aquarius is all about!

What is the best jewelry for an Aquarius?

The Dukes Surfboard Pendant is our first pick for you, Aquarius, since it represents the connection and closeness between water and air.

Aquarian, you love to think deeply about your world, but don’t forget to be in the present and enjoy the small moments too. Wear the Moment in Time Pendant to hold onto your favorite memories.

In Hawaiian mythology, Paka'a, is the god of wind and the inventor of the sail. This one’s perfect for you Aquarius, since the Engraved Outrigger Canoe Paddle Pendant represents that connection between water and air and your ability to use your imagination to do solve any problem that faces you.

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Awesome pieces!!!

Frances Brzycki

I’m an Aquarian therefore, I like the “Moment In Time Pendant.” The pendant is unique and reminds me of all my wonderful memories to always think carefully.

Minnie Chatham

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