Leo Season: Embracing Boldness and Courage

Written by: Anjelica Gamboa



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Welcome to Leo season, a period bursting with vibrant energy and a captivating aura as the sun enters the fiery realm of Leo. From July 23 to August 22, this astrological season invites us to embrace our inner radiance, unleash our creativity, and exude unapologetic confidence. Discover our top 5 pieces for this Leo season, and let the radiant energy fuel your drive in style!

It’s all about relishing in the spotlight this Leo season. This is a time to confidently express yourself, celebrating your unique talents, and passions. Allow yourself to take center stage in your endeavors, seize opportunities to showcase your talents, and speak publicly. Uplift others with your infectious energy, and offer encouragement and support while celebrating the achievements of those around you. Amidst the vibrant energy of Leo season, remember to prioritize self-care, indulging in activities that bring you joy, practicing self-love, and maintaining a healthy balance as you recharge your energy. Allow your light to illuminate the world with the Brilliant Star Pendant. This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original, hand-engraved Star motif. Dare to be bold and let your individuality shine this Leo season!

Leo, the radiant archetype of the creator, encompasses many remarkable qualities. Highly creative, expressive, and extroverted, Leos often find themselves in the spotlight, recognized and admired for their unique talents. As a dynamic and powerful fire sign with a fixed modality, Leo exudes unwavering steadiness in their pursuits. Passionate about their contagious energy has a transformative effect, inspiring others to reach for greatness. Spread positive vibes and show off your inner beauty with the Hibiscus Pendant. This 14k gold vermeil pendant features our original Hibiscus motif, with eco-gemstones. Know that your positive outlook can help to inspire others and create a ripple effect of happiness.

With Leo as our guide, we are urged to go after our goals and dreams with unwavering determination. Explore Leo's teachings on setting goals, embracing ambition, and persevering through adversity. Learn to tap into the lion's unwavering drive, as it propels us towards success that empowers us to make a significant impact on our chosen path. Leo ignites our spirits as a fire sign and urges us to support our passions and unleash our creative prowess. Dream big and pursue our ambitions with the Wish Upon a Star Pendant. This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original, hand-engraved Star motif with a single eco-gemstone. Get inspired to embrace your individuality, take daring leaps, and fearlessly pursue your aspirations.

With the sun as their ruling planet, Leos radiate a warm and confident energy that captivates those around them. Natural-born leaders, Leos possess an innate sense of authority and a desire to make a lasting impact. Leos are incredibly loyal and protective, standing up for their loved ones and defending their values. With their boldness and determination, Leos fearlessly pursue their ambitions, often achieving remarkable success. While their commanding presence may seem larger than life, Leos are always ready to lend a helping hand or bring joy to those around them. Embody the generous and warm-hearted nature of dear Leo with the Heart & Star Charm Pendant. This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original, hand-engraved heart motif, along with our star design adorned with eco-gemstones. Wear this pendant to showcase Leo's vibrant and magnetic personality.

During this time, everyone needs to focus on authentically expressing their unique individuality. Leo's energy encourages us to confidently step into the spotlight, showcasing our talents and passions without fear of judgment. This season is an opportunity to celebrate your strengths, personal power, and enthusiasm in all aspects of your lives. It’s time to ignite your inner spark with the Maile Leaf Engraved Ring! This 925 silver gold vermeil, two-tone ring, features our original, hand-engraved Maile leaf motif.  Let Leo's boldness inspire you to take bold steps, pursue your passions, and unleash your true potential.

Leo season invites us to shine brightly, embracing our boldness, creativity, and confidence. As we navigate this energetic period, let us celebrate our individuality, ignite our passions, and step into the limelight with grace and radiance. Let the transformative energy of Leo season propel you toward personal growth, success, and fulfillment. It's time to unleash your brilliance and make your mark on the world. Welcome the fiery spirit of Leo and don’t be afraid to reveal the most authentic version of yourself.



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