Sagittarius Season: Endless Adventures and Living Life by Your Own Rules

Welcome to fiery and playful Sagittarius season, when freedom and adventure are at the forefront. Anyone born between November 22 and December 21, is considered a Sagittarius sun. Sun signs are determined by your birthday and reflect your true personality, self, innate gifts, and how you move through life. Let’s dive deeper into this passionate and energetic sign, and what to expect this season.

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As a fire sign, Sagittarius thrives off of energy, motivation, and action. They tend to move through life in a chaotic manner but it’s only because they always crave adventure and the thrill of life itself. In fact, they are the ultimate lovers of freedom and are always inspiring others to live their best lives, unapologetically. Fun-loving people, known as the eternal wanderer, interested in travel and philosophy, Sags need to know the meaning of everything.

Since following their dreams and aspirations are important to them, the Dreams Come True Scroll Barrell pendant is the perfect piece to allow the wearer to keep their dreams, hopes, and goals close to their heart. It’s important to appreciate their wisdom and respect their opinions, when dealing with this dreamer. They appreciate it when someone is enthusiastic and energetic around them and can reciprocate their energy. Even if you're not a Sag, this season is here to inspire you to go after what you want, while having fun along the way.

dreams come true barrel pendant worn by a model
dreams come true barrel pendant in rose gold

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Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, Sagittarius is said to be extremely lucky. Channel the luck of this sign with our Lucky Clover Pendant. Four-leaf clovers are said to represent not only good luck, but also faith, hope, and love. Luck enables them to be optimistic, and always see the brighter side of things. This can sometimes come off as naive, but in reality, Sags just want to believe and trust that everything happens for a reason. No bad vibes are allowed around this sign! Since they are known to be very generous, be mindful that not everyone out there has your best interest at heart. This season, learn to be more selective with who you involve in your world and inner circle and choose the relationships you want to continue to nurture and grow.

lucky clover pendant
lucky clover pendant worn by a model

Very loyal and passionate, Sag’s still need their space and freedom to breathe and go about life. Their relationships are far from boring, as they love multi-dimensional, nonconventional, and outspoken people. The Three Waves Bar pendant indicates the changing tides that guide your way through life and is great for the freedom-loving Saggitarius. They see the importance of being open and honest and believe the truth will always prevail. Learn to be cautious, as Sagittarius’ are super smart but tend to blur lines or forget boundaries, which may result in people taking advantage of them. This season, learn to balance your priorities and surround yourself with people who have a better follow-through and make that an inspiration for you.

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Lovers of nature and the outdoors, and exploring in general. Anything that gets you out there to enjoy life laugh, and feel inspired, is the ultimate goal. When all else fails, plan a spontaneous trip, and discover the unknown. This Hawaiian Voyage Paddle Pendant is perfect for all of your adventures and explore the great outdoors! If you ever feel the need to do something exciting to help get outside of your shell, call on a Sagittarius to bring on the fun! They’re always looking for their next adventure, and are definitely the life of the party. So live in the moment, and do something spontaneous!

hawaiian voyage paddle pendant worn by a model
hawaiian voyage paddle pendant with a sea turtle charm on a leaf

Keywords & traits for Saggitarius:

Optimistic, freedom lover, funny (known as the comedian of the zodiac, spontaneous, a great conversationalist, super passionate, charming, generous, great storyteller, fairminded, intellectual, friendly, always curious, constantly growing and learning, fun personality, adaptable, inspirational, and highly philosophical, and extremely lucky.

A Sagittarius loves to laugh and make people laugh. They tend to surround themselves with people who share the same type of humor and can keep up with their quick wit. They're always 3 steps ahead in their mind, so they're naturally drawn to charming and confident people. Leave your ego at the door with this sign. This bold and optimistic sign is known for its positive and upbeat mood, and this Flaming hot pendant is the perfect piece to showcase their fiery side! Their zest for life and learning allows them to always look on the bright side of things.

flaming hot pendant on a model
flaming hot pendant on a model
  • Element: Fire 
  • Planet ruler: Jupiter 
  • Energy: Yang (positive) 
  • Motto: “I understand” 
  • Color: Orange

Opportunities to grow this season:

Learn to be more humble. Humility is underrated but you can make some serious personal growth goals or advancements by not only cultivating this trait but learning to appreciate it in others.

Commit to daily a practice (spiritual or not), to connect to a higher power. Whether it be god, mother nature, the universe, or whatever it is, you need to think of it as being greater than you. This can bring your soul ultimate satisfaction in a way you can’t through other activities.

Sometimes It’s hard to know how to use your time and energy wisely. Studying the lives of great men and women will help to provide you with some really valuable perspectives on what it takes to make or have an amazing life. So find the person or people who inspire you the most and apply their teachings to your everyday life.

This Sagittarius season should ultimately bring you fun, adventure, and the freedom you need to be yourself. Showcase your individuality, and enjoy the autonomy of doing what you want, whenever you want. In the wise words of Aubrey Graham aka Drake “YOLO”.

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