Scorpio Season: Helping you Transform into your Best Self

Model in yellow wearing our X marks the heart pendant and full moon plumeria earrings

The season of change and transformation is finally upon us, and we are ready for it all. Scorpio season is a time for embracing newness and bringing forth sweeping change that can reroute our path for the better. So let us dive deeper into what Scorpio season means, what to expect, and discover more about the mysterious scorpion. 

On October 23rd, the sun will move into the sign of Scorpio and will stay until November 21st. The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto, which highlights transformation, power dynamics, and all that is hidden beneath the surface. This time allows us to focus on addressing everything we have been avoiding and urges us to make specific changes that are in our best interest. Just like the X Marks the Spot Heart Pendantit advises us to confront any fear of change and re-evaluate our patterns, habits, and the people in our lives.

X marks the heart pendant on a model in a yellow dress

As we embark on this season of change, it may be necessary for our own lives to be considerate and caring towards others who are affected by the choices we make. We must be aware of our surroundings and the moods of others around us. Since Scorpios thrive on self-growth, now is your chance to embrace that way of thinking and apply it to your own life. Don’t be afraid to transform into your best self! May this season and Secret Garden Plumeria Bracelet help guide you through any necessary change needed for your personal growth. 

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Known as the most powerful and magnetic zodiac sign, Scorpios live up to their mysterious nature. They are strong-willed and resilient and can overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Their ambitious nature is their superpower, as they use it as fuel to go after all that they desire in life. We can learn a thing or two from this passionate sign! Their intensity allows them to give 100 percent to everything they do and never anything less than that. Wear our Lock and Key Pendant to unlock that hidden potential that you always have. 

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Scorpios belong to the element of water and are the 8th astrological sign of the zodiac. Known for their emotional nature and kind hearts, this sign values deep and meaningful connections more than anything else. They don’t like to rush their emotions and are very sensitive to those around them. They value openness and genuine vibes and will understand you with compassion, but you must keep it real with them. They will see straight through any lies or deceit, so don’t bother being untrue with this sign! With a Scorpio, honesty is the best policy as they live by this. Let these Full Moon Plumeria Earrings be a constant reminder of a Scorpio's honesty and compassion. 

full moon plumeria earrings with black border worn by a model on her left ear

Another trait of this sign is that they are incredibly loyal to a fault. Once trust is established, and feel it is safe enough to open up, they will show their undying loyalty forever. These Scorpians are just soft and loving beings under that tough shell after all. Scorpios forgive, believe, and trust only in those willing to see them for who they are and will evolve and grow with them. These signs make the best of friends and lifelong partners with the right match. The Eternity Linked Ring Pendant perfectly symbolizes a Scorpio's eternal loyalty.

eternity linked ring pendant worn by a model in yellow dress

With everything you’ve learned about the mysterious and passionate Scorpio and what to expect this season, you now have the tools you need to evolve into your best self and embrace the change that is oh-so-necessary. You got this! 

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