Cultural Richness of our Polynesian Honu Design

Written by: Lukas Ashley



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Let’s celebrate the serene magnificence of the sea, one sea turtle at a time! We want you to truly feel the Hawaiian Aloha from our collection regardless of where you are. Along with hawksbill sea turtles, green sea turtles, referred to as honu, are the most common sea turtle you’ll spot around Hawaii. They have been depicted in petroglyphs which means they were extraordinarily important to the ancient Hawaiians. Embodying wisdom, endurance, and the sacred journey of life itself, dive into the cultural richness of our Polynesian Honu design.

Did you know that in Polynesian culture, the honu is a symbol of good luck, endurance, and long life? It’s revered as a navigator that can find its way home time after time, reminding us of the importance to stay true to our roots. Available in three colors, the Polynesian Sea Turtle Pendant is a great way to carry around the energy of the mighty Honu. 

The Pave Hawaii Sea Turtle Pendant is laid with our sustainable eco-gems. If you don't mind being the center of attention, this piece will put you there. This vibrant honu piece symbolizes your playful self. Even when the journey can feel long, be the light people need when you wear this piece.

The Aloha Spirit Sea Turtle Pendant depicts the traditional Polynesian honu design but is adorned with plumeria flowers from head to toe. The plumeria flower is beloved across the islands and is said to carry the energy of new beginnings. Plumerias also symbolize beauty, grace, and charm. In this case, the Polynesian Honu design in combination with the plumeria flowers gives this piece a vibrant energy. Open yourself up to rebirth and protection along your exciting journey.

Discover the beauty of the ocean with our Seas the Day Surfboard Pendant featuring our traditional Polynesian Honu design and adorned with plumeria flowers, a symbol of positivity. Wear this pendant as a reminder to always ‘seas the day’ and go with the flow!

Experience the rich heritage for yourself with our Honu Collection. Each piece, featuring our traditional Honu design, is a testament to the timeless beauty and strength of the sea turtle. Embrace the spirit of the ocean and make a statement with these unique jewelry pieces that allow you to bring aloha with you everywhere!

Edited by Renee Heimgartner

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