Jewelry Inspiration for Nature Lovers

Written by: Kelsey Sugai



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Sparkle up your outdoor adventures with our unique, nature-inspired jewelry. Find the most meaningful gifts that speak to the hearts of those who find their peace nuder the open skies and amidst towering trees. You can’t talk about Hawai’i without talking about its luscious natural beauty, and our jewelry collection wouldn’t be complete without embracing that beauty! It’s time to adorn yourself in this enchanting collection of nature-inspired designs, as inviting as the whispering winds, as radiant as the sun kissing the mountain tops, and as enigmatic as the starlit wilderness. Let your jewelry be a reflection of the great outdoors, a constant reminder of Earth’s abundant gifts.

Did you know? The yellow hibiscus is the Hawai’i state flower and represents beauty, youth, femininity, success and glory. Wearing our sterling silver Hibiscus Pendant instantly adds a tropical touch to your outfit, and allows you to flaunt all the characteristics it represents.

The dramatic transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is one of nature’s greatest representations of rebirth. The butterfly is also a symbol of hope and bravery, and wearing this Garden Butterfly Pendant will encourage you to take big leaps of faith in pursuit of your dreams. The cubic zirconia embedded in the plumerias adds a touch of sparkle without the priciness of diamonds.

(You can read more about cubic zirconia in our recent blog post!)

Embrace the serenity of nature, the rhythm of the waves, and the whisper of the tropics with our palm tree Tropical Celebration Pendant. For the love of the outdoors, for the love of palm trees - a symbol of peace, tranquility, and the freedom to sway in the direction of your dreams.

Here’s another fun fact for you: in Hawai’i, plumerias can represent your relationship status, just like a wedding ring. If worn over the left ear, you are enjoying paradise with your significant other. If worn over the right ear, you are single and available for long walks on the beach. Plumerias represent positivity and new beginnings, so flaunt your Plumeria Garden Pendant and show the world you’re ready for new experiences.

It’s not Hawai’i without aloha. With a variety of meanings, including “hello,” “goodbye,” or in this case “love,” aloha is the foundation of Hawaiian culture. In a world full of darkness, let this Unconditional Love heart pendant reminds you to spread aloha wherever you go.

If you love the youthful and feminine qualities of the hibiscus but want a more minimalist look, the Two-Tone Hibiscus Cut-out Pendant is a great options for nature seekers. The silver outline and the rose gold stamen make this a simple yet elegant statement piece.

Geckos are seen as smaller physical representations of mo’o, or dragons of Hawaiian mythology. Mo’o were known as family guardians that provided guidance and protection. So wear the Garden Gecko pendant with pride knowing that the ancient guardians of legend are watching over you.

Another minimalist piece in our collection, the Plumeria Cutout pendant can be layered with your other favorite pieces to add a touch of nature’s paradise to your outfit. The plumeria represents new life and new beginnings, so wear this when you want to attract new experiences and a fresh start.

The cross carries significant spiritual meaning to many people, and the Mother of Pearl Lei Cross pendant perpetuates this significance in the symbolism of the plumeria. The opalescent white background gives it an angelic vibe and is versatile enough to be paired with any outfit.

By now you already know the symbolism of the enchanting plumeria, so if you’re a plumeria enthusiast like we are, you will love the Window to Nature pendant. It is elegant and showy, and is also a great gift. The two plumerias can represent new beginnings together with a friend, significant other, or family member.

If you’d like to see many more jewelry options for the outdoor lover, check out one of our Collections like Puapua, Lei, or Moana!

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