Top 10 Engraving Ideas

Discover the rich history of jewelry engraving in Hawaii which dates back to ancient times when skilled artisans crafted intricate designs on shells, bones, and wood. These unique engravings held deep cultural significance and were often used to symbolize love, status, and protection

Princess Liluokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawaii, was gifted the first ever engraved gold bangle by Queen Victoria herself. That historic piece of jewelry symbolized the strong bond between two powerful women and their friendship across continents. 

Today, you can engrave your own piece of Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry to symbolize love, friendship, ohana, or anything else that’s meaningful to you. Getting your jewelry engraved can elevate your favorite piece into a heartfelt keepsake. 

Read on to find out our top 10 engraving ideas!

1. Your Name

Engraving your name is a great way to personalize a piece of jewelry. From bangles to pendants, your jewelry will become undeniably attached to you when your name is engraved on it. Indulge in a bit of self-love, and get your name engraved into your favorite piece!

2. Loved One's Name

For a meaningful and sentimental way to express your love and appreciation, get your loved one’s name engraved on your jewelry. It’s a great way to carry the memories of a loved one close to your heart. You could also gift a piece with your name engraved on it to a loved one so that they can bring the thought of you with them wherever they go. 

3. A Special Date

Getting a date engraved on your jewelry is a meaningful and sentimental way to commemorate an important occasion or milestone in someone's life. It can be a reminder of any significant moment such as the birth of a child, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or anything else that is near and dear to you. 

4. Short Quote

Sometimes words can make great impacts on people’s lives. If there is a short quote that has stuck with you through it all, it's a great idea to get it engraved on your jewelry. Whether the words give you motivation and strength or bring warmth to your heart, have the quote engraved to keep it forever close to you. For example, in Hawaiian, “E kulia i ka nu’u” means “strive to reach the highest”. Just be sure that your short quote does not exceed 15 characters. 

5. Ku'uipo

In Hawaiian, the word Ku’uipo translates to sweetheart. This word not only looks beautiful as an engraving but carries a lovely and rich meaning. Whether you are Hawaiian, or appreciate the island lifestyle, having the word Ku’uipo engraved is the perfect way to hold onto the memories you and a loved one made here in Hawaii. 

6. Religious Verse

A very popular choice of engraving is to get a verse from a religious text engraved. Whether it be the bible, Quran, or Torah, many people draw strength from the texts of their religion. If you have a special verse that you feel got you through the tough times and kept your faith strong, get it engraved! It’s the perfect reminder of your faith, and as you regularly see the verse, it allows you to think about it often, carrying it with you wherever life takes you. 

7. Special Words

If you're gifting someone special, such as a friend or a loved one, a single word can mean the world. A special word can be anything. Words like “ohana” or “aloha” carry significant meanings. You can also choose your favorite quality of a person such as: faithful, loyal, or caring. Engraving one of these special words is the perfect way to honor those who are special to you. 

8. Coordinates

Capture the essence of unforgettable experiences by getting the coordinates of the location engraved. Whether it's the place you first met your soulmate, the breathtaking location where you said “I do”, or that unforgettable trip that changed your life, a beautifully coordinated engraved piece allows you to hold on to those memories forever. 

9. Initials

Let the world know that you and your loved one are the next ultimate power couple when you engrave your initials together on your jewelry. Better yet, opt for matching pendants so you can both keep your engraved initials close to heart. 

10. Inside Joke

Remember that hilarious moment that you and someone you care for shared? We all have those inside jokes that only our closest friends and family would understand. If you are someone who doesn't take life too seriously or could use a little giggle every now and again, this is the perfect engraving for you. This engraving will not only make you smile, but it's also a beautiful and unique way to express your personality. 

Make your jewelry unique with custom engraving - because who needs a therapist when you can wear your feelings on a necklace? If your jewelry isn’t speaking for you, it’s time to give it a voice with custom engravings! Choose from our selection of Hawaiian Heirloom bar pendants, bangles, and rings to order your engraved jewelry piece!

Edited by Renee Heimgartner

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