6 Heart Jewels You Need for Valentine's Day

Written by: Ellie Bee



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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to create a guide to our top 6 Heart shaped pendants. These pieces capture the love and spirit of aloha while encapsulating the Hawaiian plumeria motif and cultural engravings. We have 14k gold vermeil, including our shining yellow gold, dazzling white gold, and fabulous rose gold options, and I can’t wait to share these lovely pieces with you! These make a great sentimental gift for any time of the year, but since love is in the air, let us talk about our popular heart designs.

First up, is our Timeless Love Heart pendant. Adorned with hand-engraved scroll-style Hawaiian flowers, this unique design comes in 925 sterling silver and will surely leave you speechless. The style of this pendant reminds me of a warm embrace, as a wave-shaped design seems to embrace the delicately engraved heart pendant, reminding the wearer that their love is carried throughout their travels and within their hearts always. What a great gift to receive or give to your special someone. 

Next, we have the Deep in My Heart pendant, a lovely cut-out and engraved heart-shaped pendant, which shows an incredibly delicate hand-engraved design while encasing ever-so-gently a shining eco-gem. Something unique that you will notice about this design is its engraved bale and mobility. This quirky design shows a cut-out half-heart shape, with the other half delicately hand-engraved as it meets a shining eco-gem. To me, it represents the strength love can endure through the ever-changing waves of life. 

Look at this 14k gold vermeil Force of Nature Plumeria Heart pendant! Yes, it comes in all three colors, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold! This unique composition has magnificent detail in the etched leaf lei, which make up half of the heart shape, and surrounds a beautiful plumeria that holds a glistening eco-gem. In Hawaii, the plumeria is associated with a significant meaning, going beyond its beauty, but it also embodies love, romance, kindness, and respect. 

Our Heart Lei Maile Leaf Pendant represents a symbol of respect, peace, friendship, and love. This pendant is embellished with a heart-shaped cut-out of plumerias and maile leaf, holding onto a dangling plumeria in the middle. In old Hawaii, the maile lei was the lei of royalty, and oftentimes the Maile lei was used to bind the bride and groom’s hands together as a symbol of their unity and togetherness. Joining the two designs of the plumeria and maile leaf, we symbolize two people falling in love and overcoming obstacles together. What a great representation for couples with an undeniable connection and everlasting bond! 

The Fluttering Heart Pendant makes our hearts skip a beat! Adorned with a delicate Pulelehua, or butterfly in Hawaiian, and two lovely plumeria flowers, this fluttering heart pendant symbolizes healing and transformation, strength and endurance. We all know that life comes with many challenges and even setbacks. This pendant shows that your connection can continue to move forward and transform toward a goal, milestone, or phase of your life together. 

Last but not least, is our Blooming Heart Pendant in our 14k gold vermeil. This wavey, cutout heart holds an elegant frost plumeria, adorned with a shimmering eco-gem. This delightful flower represents love, beauty, and grace, and its five petals represent love, faith, aspiration, hope, and devotion. Its fragrance and vibrant colors awaken the senses and serve as a reminder to embrace the values that make your love so unique, creating a tone for the special bond you have with your partner, and symbolizing your everlasting token of love for one another. 

What a great collection we have this year for our heart-shaped pendants! We can’t wait to see which piece you pick for your sweetheart this year, and don’t forget to find those matching sets! Check out our website to find more designs, and matching earrings, rings, toe rings, or anklets to make your gift-giving complete and extra special. Each order will come perfectly wrapped in a beautiful jewelry gift box with a pink bow! Just pick your favorite piece, and let us do the rest! Mahalo!

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