Top Valentine-Inspired Designs

Written by: Anjelica Gamboa



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As the season of love approaches, what better way to celebrate the loving essence of Valentine's Day than with jewelry? I have curated my favorite V-Day-inspired designs that tell a story of adoration, appreciation, and connection. From delicate pendants that whisper sweet sentiments to bold statements that reflect the passion of the heart, our Valentine's Day-inspired jewelry collection is a radiant reflection of affection and style. Let’s explore styles that elevate the joy of giving and receiving on this special day dedicated to love.

Plumeria Heart Earrings

Heart jewelry set
plumeria heart hook earrings

These Plumeria Heart Earrings encapsulate the essence of love and beauty with their intricate design and delicate plumeria blossoms. Crafted with Aloha, these hook earrings feature a dainty heart with a single plumeria sitting on top. Wear these earrings to symbolize a blooming connection between hearts. 

Koa Wood Plumeria Medallion

The Koa Wood Plumeria Medallion intertwines the warmth of Hawaiian tradition with the elegance of timeless design, creating a unique and meaningful gift for Valentine's Day. The harmonious blend of Koa wood and delicate plumeria motif embodies love's enduring strength, making these a heartfelt sentiment and a distinctive token of your affection.  

Royal Plumeria Scroll Bangle

Elevate your Valentine's Day gift-giving with the Royal Plumeria Scroll Bangle, a graceful union of regal charm and floral elegance. This bangle features a two-tone metal with rose gold and sterling silver with Plumeria and scroll detailing. Adorn their wrists with timeless beauty, and let it serve as an enchanting gesture for that special someone in your life. 

Plumeria Infinity Ring

The Plumeria Infinity Ring is the ultimate symbol of eternal love with its delicate design, intertwining the iconic plumeria blossoms into a symbol of unending commitment. This Valentine's Day, gift the enchanting beauty of the Plumeria Infinity Ring as a token of infinite affection, capturing the essence of enduring love in a piece that is as timeless as the bond it represents.

Plumeria Earrings (Pink Gem)

Share the warmth of a blossoming love with this Plumeria Hook Earrings. These earrings effortlessly combine a feminine touch with a simple hook earrings. With its intricate detailing and vibrant allure, these earrings add a touch of tropical romance that they will cherish forever. 

Plumeria Pearl Earrings

Dive into the ocean of love with the Plumeria Pearl Earrings, where luscious pearls dance alongside whimsical plumeria blooms. Featuring our original plumeria with a single pearl on the end in a drop style. Symbolizing purity and enduring beauty, these earrings make the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

Two-Tone Open Heart Pendant

Intertwine your heart with theirs with the Two-Tone Open Heart Pendant. Capture the essence of love in a dazzling dance of silver and rose gold, creating a symbol of connection that is enduring and everlasting. A perfect Valentine's Day gift, this pendant beautifully represents the intertwined nature of two hearts, making it a loving expression of togetherness. 

Plumeria Charm Bracelet

Adorn your Valentine with dainty gold with the Plumeria Charm Bracelet. Showcasing 6 delicate plumeria blossoms with eco gemstones in a rope charm bracelet style. This bracelet not only celebrates love but also becomes a cherished token of the moments shared, making it a perfect and heartfelt gift for any occasion. 

Koa Wood Heart Pendant

Give them the gift of warmth and Aloha with the Koa wood heart pendant. It is a simple yet tangible expression of love, nature, and enduring beauty. A perfect Valentine's Day gift, this pendant not only captures the essence of your affection but also serves as a timeless reminder of your connection, making it a meaningful and heartwarming gesture for your loved one. 

Three Wishes Ring

Unlock the magic of love with the Three Wishes Ring, a symbol of boundless wishes and cherished moments. Featuring 3 plumerias with pink eco gemstones set in sterling silver. This Valentine's Day, gift this enchanting piece, allowing your loved one to carry the essence of your shared dreams and desires, elegantly wrapped around their finger.

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