Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Written by: Anjelica Gamboa



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It’s that time of year again. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to think about what gifts you want to give to your family and loved ones. We know it can be stressful so we’ve got you covered. Discover our top 10 designs that we loved this past year and find them the perfect gift. From festive designs that capture the magic of the islands to simple and elegant pieces that convey heartfelt warmth, each one is a perfect expression of love and celebration. Explore our holiday gift guide and make this holiday season sparkle with gifts that create moments as precious as the memories they hold.

Delight in the spirit of the season with our Sea Turtle Quilt Bangle in a mesmerizing two-toned design—an enchanting gift for the holidays. Crafted with precision and adorned with the timeless sea turtle motif, this bangle is a symbol of longevity and good fortune, making it a thoughtful gift of the islands. Share the joy of the season with a gift that captures the magic of the sea and celebrates the spirit of the islands. 

Personalize the joy of giving with our Engraved Initials Pendant—a thoughtful holiday gift that adds a touch of sentiment and sophistication. Each pendant is hand engraved to carry the initials of your loved ones, making it a unique and cherished expression of love. Gift this pendant to create lasting memories, capturing the essence of the season through a bespoke piece that they will truly cherish for many years to come. 

Sail into the season with our Opal Sailboat Earrings—a delightful holiday gift that combines nautical charm with the iridescence of opals. These earrings capture the magic of winter seas and the joy of holiday adventures. Gift these earrings for a touch of whimsy and elegance, a perfect reminder of the beauty that sails into our lives during this festive season.

Adorn your loved ones in the warmth of the season with our Heart Lei Pearl Pendant, a timeless and elegant holiday gift. The lustrous pearl nestled within the heart-shaped pendant symbolizes purity and love, making it a perfect embodiment of the holiday spirit. Pearls, known for their enduring beauty and classic allure, make an exquisite gift that transcends trends and captures timeless elegance. Give the gift of pearls this holiday season—each one a precious reminder of cherished moments and enduring love.

Wrap the spirit of Aloha around your loved ones with our Koa Wood Hoop earrings—a perfect holiday gift that resonates with strength and natural beauty. The rich hues of Koa wood symbolize strength and unity, making this ring a meaningful expression of love and connection. With its earthy charm, and simplistic design, these earrings become a unique and enduring present, embodying the essence of the holidays and the bonds that make this season truly special.

Grant wishes with our Plumeria Wishes Ring—a divine piece that makes for the perfect holiday gift. Symbolizing beauty and grace, plumeria rings are an exquisite expression of love and well-wishing. The delicate petals and intricate details of the Plumeria Wishes Ring capture the enchantment of the season, making it a timeless and cherished present that resonates with the joy and warmth of the holidays. Gift the magic of plumeria and let your loved ones carry the spirit of paradise on their fingers.

Dazzle your loved ones this holiday season with our Pineapple Gloss Hook Earrings—a delightful gift that captures the sweetness of the tropics, and a symbol of Hawaii. Pineapple earrings make the perfect holiday surprise, symbolizing warmth, hospitality, and a touch of exotic charm. The playful design and glossy finish bring a festive spirit to any occasion, making these earrings a stylish and thoughtful present that embodies the joy of giving during the holidays. 

Give the gift of faith and hope this season. Crosses serve as a profound symbol of faith and renewal, and the plumeria flower adds a sense of grace. Each delicate petal and intricately crafted cross is a testament to the enduring love and joy that defines the holiday season. Gift a Garden Cross Pendant and share the blessings of peace, faith, and beauty with your loved ones.

Unveil the magic of the holidays with our Gold Plumeria and Sea Turtle Earrings—an exquisite gift that merges elegance with the spirit of the tropics. The delicate plumeria blossoms symbolize grace and beauty, while the sea turtle represents longevity and good fortune. Gifting these earrings is an enchanting way to share wishes for joy, prosperity, and timeless elegance during this wondrous time of year. 

Embodying the beauty and grace of the tropics, our Blooming Heart Pendant is the perfect gift for the holidays. The heart and plumeria flower captures the spirit of joy and warmth, making it a playful and feminine expression of love and admiration. Gift the enchantment of any one of our heart designs and let your loved ones carry the essence of paradise wherever they go.

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