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The Hawaiian Jewel • 925 Sterling Silver

Dreamy Wave Surfboard Pendant

Dreamy Wave Surfboard Pendant

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Don't just ride the waves - wear them with our Dreamy Wave Surfboard Pendant! This 925 sterling sliver pendant features our original, engraved Plumeria scroll motif, on a surfboard design. The engraving of this pendant was done entirely by hand. It's perfect for those who dream of surf, sand, and sun! So get on board with the trend and hit the waves with the Dreamy Wave Surfboard Pendant. 

The surfboard reminds you to go with the flow and tides of life. It represents the skills needed to overcome anything life throws at you, and always feel the inner strength to accomplish your goals.

Show off your admiration for Plumerias all year round! These flowers are not only esthetically beautiful but symbolize positive energy, love, and hope. There's no surprise that the Plumeria is one of the most popular and adored flowers in the islands of Hawaii.

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