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The Hawaiian Jewel • 925 Sterling Silver

Makaha Sunn Plumeria Matte Hook Earrings

Makaha Sunn Plumeria Matte Hook Earrings

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These 925 sterling silver hook earrings feature our original Plumeria motif, with a single eco-gemstone on each side.

Because of its ability to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions, the plumeria flower is a survivor and a true symbol of Hawaii. It symbolizes our island’s great hospitality and aloha spirit. Wear this beautiful Hawaiian flower to promote positivity and happiness.

The Makaha Sunn Plumeria Matte Hook Earrings offer a stylish aesthetic with a lightweight design. These earrings feature a matte-finished Plumeria flower for a beautiful, timeless look that adds a subtle charm to any outfit. The hooks are easy to put on and take off with their comfortable design, giving you the perfect accessory to wear every day.

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