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The Hawaiian Jewel • 925 Sterling Silver

Plumeria & Friends Bracelet

Plumeria & Friends Bracelet

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This 14K gold bracelet features our original Plumeria and Friends motifs, which includes: Sea turtles, and Dolphins, paired with eco-gemstones.

Because of its ability to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions, the plumeria flower is a survivor and a true symbol of Hawaii. It symbolizes our island’s great hospitality and aloha spirit. Wear this beautiful Hawaiian flower to promote positivity and happiness.

Hawaii’s Honu, or sea turtles, are one of the Aumakua, or deified ancestors, known to unite heaven and earth while symbolizing endurance and wisdom. These amazing sea creatures best represent good fortune and life longevity.

Dolphins are known as one of the Aumakua, or deified ancestors. They represent harmony, living their lives in peace and unity. Wear this piece for clear communication, honesty, and aloha in all parts of your life.

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