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The Hawaiian Jewel • 925 Sterling Silver

Plumeria Slippers Bracelet

Plumeria Slippers Bracelet

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This 925 sterling silver with 14K gold bracelet features our original Plumeria and slipper motifs, paired with eco-gemstones.

Because of its ability to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions, the plumeria flower is a survivor and a true symbol of Hawaii. It symbolizes our island’s great hospitality and aloha spirit. Wear this beautiful Hawaiian flower to promote positivity and happiness.

Slippers, also known as “flip flops” are a wardrobe staple here in The Hawaiian islands. They represent the easy, simple, island lifestyle that is all about comfort, simplicity, and ease through life.

Slipper + 8mmPLUM/CZ Bracelet #7

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